Jon R

This is Laura’s true calling! As my Coach Laura helped me “find myself” again and for that I am truly fortunate. As a proud father of three and a successful CEO I felt I was missing the big picture in life having spent so much time in sadness and worry I was getting sick all the time. I found Laura’s coaching a blessing and truly feel this experience saved me and now I am able to be truly present with my children and my work even in challenges and healthier than ever. I highly encourage and recommend Laura’s courses and coaching!

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Outdoorsy, Foodie, Jogging in Nature, SUP lover. Professional Coach, Personal Fitness Trainer, music lover, finding true joy in connections, and an epic Early riser. Healthy lifestyle ambassador and a major advocate for gut-mind health and fitness having succeeded during many challenges. Energetic, Opportunistic, Passions in Fitness & Personal Development, Hopeful Romantic, Lover of life's adventures, and full of passion (and that's just the beginning) © Copyright 2021 Laura M. Moutal Inc. LoraXplora™ and Laura Inspired Project are copyrights of Laura M. Moutal Inc.