The Olympics of Change: Become unstuck in business and in life.

published originally 8/10/16 Keeping in the spirit of the Summer Olympics, we get to witness the world’s most awe inspiring athletes challenging themselves beyond physical and mental limits. That makes it a perfect time for us to re-assess our own challenges in business, relationships, health and personal goals. Universally, change no matter what size, carries... Continue Reading →

Brain Exercise: Move past FEAR with the Right Action of Write Action.

(republish!) When trying to lose weight  those who are most successful write down their goals and keep track of it all day long, every day, until the goal is reached. There is even a fancy app for that kind of goal. These trackers reach their goals, and even if they don’t they get closer... Continue Reading →

Chasing sunrise

It's here. You found me. Now let's explore! As I write articles, they are purely inspired by events and truths personally I wish to share. Maybe I will inspire you. Write to me and let me know how you feel about it. I started April 2nd 2016 on a mission to wake up early, and... Continue Reading →

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