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LoraXplora™ 's Peasful Cukes finger sandwiches
LoraXplora™ ‘s Peasful Cukes finger sandwiches

AIP (auto-immune protocol) Ketogenic, Gluten-Free, Vegan, Allergen-Free, well that’s a mouth full! Sometimes, not so much! Since life should be delicious (my strong conviction), I’ve been learning along the way what to avoid and what to enjoy and how, for a healthy gut-brain connection – so I’m sharing! As a fitness trainer practicing and cultivating a life of right and mindful energy is paramount to me and that is a powerful piece of the structure of maintaining harmony within. I am constantly researching and experimenting (and continue to do so) about what and how I can nourish my systems so that I am energized, and not upsetting any balances, in fact completely heal and become resilient. As of right now I am successfully conquering the challenges of Hoshimoto’s Hypothyroid, a type of auto-immune condition. Since my approach is holistic with mind and body, in this case, I will share with you the recipes I use to successfully combat that challenge! I do not claim to be precise or to be referenced, I am simply sharing. I am always looking for more ways to enjoy the passion I find in the preparations, cooking, baking, eating, learning, exploring, and sharing it forward with everyone! This challenge actually is a gift, by the way, a message from within to learn how to listen in more closely and enjoy the journey (of course I have to add that in!) Whatever I find useful I will post here (as far as recipes.) These are only suggestions and are not meant to treat or diagnose in any way whatsoever. Always discuss your choices if you are unclear with a Doctor or Nutritionist. I am not a licensed or certified Doctor, or Nutritionist, make no claims or statements, and what I say or write about are only suggestions based on my own experiences. It is my sincere wish that these suggestions may simply spark some spice into your life to want to discover more and share it on! Life is so delicious. So let’s eat and thoroughly enjoy it!