Author: LoraXplora

Outdoorsy, Trekkie, Foodie, Jogging in nature gal, SUP lover. Musical, loving relationships, and a true Early riser. Major advocate for gut-mind health having succeeded after long trying journey. Energetic, Opportunistic, Hopeful Romantic, Lover of life's adventures and full of passion (and that's just the beginning)

You always have a choice to make! Practice by choosing the most empowering meaning instead of the disempowering one…. Practice develops the muscles inside of you to make this habit stronger!

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This is my first podcast episode with an intro, an outro and some major hours put into editing! It really is the same Lora, but with some fun music and the topic I seem to always love to talk about – Nature and Focus. What we choose to focus on plays a role in our […]

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