Focus in Front of You (Podcast Notes 001)

This is my first podcast episode with an intro, an outro and some major hours put into editing! It really is the same Lora, but with some fun music and the topic I seem to always love to talk about – Nature and Focus. What we choose to focus on plays a role in our minds all day and all our lives. If we take time to be intentional with what is in front of us, as well as taking the time to be aware of that, opens up new areas of our most beautiful muscle we should be exercising the most- our brain.

It only takes a few minutes to stop and concentrate on something. All over the world people travel to have a few minutes somewhere to just have the time and inspiration to be intentional. I do too. I hope this message inspires you to look at what is in front of you in a light and inspirational way – and encourages you to take time to practice whatever you feel you need to take time for. I am excited to break out of my comfort zone and share with you. with love,


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