Mastering Much More than Study Skills with Heather Bonham

Amazing and fun, and full of wealth in many areas, this is my very first Interview with my friend Heather Bonham, Author of Study Skills Survival Guide – College Edition.

Some background: Heather is currently an awesome Mom, Wife, and a full-time Teacher in NY. She holds a Masters in Family Therapy, Practiced in many areas but specifically fell in love with Disability Services enjoying most the work she did with kids that have special needs.

This idea began for Heather while juggling life – after having kids, in her 30’s Heather went back to school to get her teaching Degree. While obtaining this education degree, Heather learned online and needed to share how to manage time and study skills forward to her students. She realized they would be lacking the guidance after they left. This book is her way of Gifting to her students so they could take the skills with them and would continue to be successful. Online learning is extremely difficult as Heather has learned. Online has become more of a norm. However, time Management is the same for learning in classroom and online. If you don’t have the right skills she concludes, then you will struggle with the even just some of the basics. We highlight just how significant this is for adults no matter what it is we are learning.

Study Skills Survival Guide: (College Edition) by Heather Bonham


studyskillssurvival (facebook)

Our Interview goes deeper-  picked up a copy of her book. I discover all the hidden gems that this Grown-up (Me!?!) needs in order to survive! I was pleasantly surprised just how relative this book became for me and my own studies to this day!

There are so many aspects as Heather highlights in her book, it is not a long read, and is very to the point. I highly encourage this book for parents, teachers, students of all ages in any area as the skills span across the spectrum.

My favorite and first interview of course since we’ve been living in NY and met on a trip to Tennessee. My passion for health and mastering good habits crossover with all she points out. I need to take note – we all do.

TAKE NOTE: Table of Contents will entice you because you get way more than you expect!

Of course we discuss everything from attention deficit disorder, to non-hovering parenting, healthy body & mind, Sleep, and listening to the right music.

I am getting more than just study survival skills. I hope you share it forward.

Links to find this Awesome survival guide:

Study Skills Survival Guide: (College Edition)

by Heather Bonham


studyskillssurvival (facebook)

I am so grateful to Heather! We’re definitely doing this again. What a wealth of knowledge and good skills you have, and you are sharing it forward. Way to go! I can’t wait for the sequel. We talk about so much, I could write on and on and on! Until next time….

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