Thank you anonymous angel of “u can do it”

There it was at mile 2 of 3 outside when my legs felt like they were 100lb weights – uh oh there’s me again not focusing on the good but listening to my body like it knew better or something. We should listen, we shouldn’t listen… oh you know the drama! Some awesome soul took the time to write in super strong pink chalk along the path I was running “u can do it.” It was meant I’m sure for someone else but perhaps it was meant to be for me to see this right now. That person, whoever you are – I love that you did that. You knew without any cost to you how to serve others (many!) with your lovely and simple statement. You were just being you. That is what the world needs more of. No gain, other than the knowledge that you are helping others with a simple phrase (while it was raining and the chalk stayed by the way…) to inspire others. Well, I made it through the hump reminding myself that for every crazy story, person, or situation out there – there’s an incredible angel doing so much good with just a phrase and some chalk.