Are you like me? Always interested in ways to be a better version of ourselves? Reading, absorbing, listening, researching, running here, running there… body and mind? Always learning the latest and greatest, right? Well, are you resting? (Someone recently asked me and it really hit me.) Train your mind to be just as wise as that body. So are you resting them both? And what is rest? Are you ‘ok’ with taking a rest day? There are a few of us (ahem) that struggle to not be actively doing something towards a goal and it takes practice to take a rest (a lot of practice = habit.) It’s one of my big challenges. Tell me how smart it is, go on. Tell me that tomorrow I will be even stronger because of my rest today. Tell me something I don’t know! Just like learning a new fitness regime, so must you (I) WE learn to be one with the rest day. I laugh….at the gym, we say we are doing an ‘Active’ rest day. Show me some research on the number of times we have to remind ourselves that rest is rest is rest. How are you spending your rest days?