The value of a “coach” approach to business and relationships.

Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring are habits we can cultivate inside and outside of our job titles. In business, sharing insights and skills are what help teams and organizations grow. Likewise, in families, communities, and personal relationships, teaching encourages growth and trust. Studies show that managers and teammates have better relationships when they use bilateral coaching methods (they coach you, and you coach them.) This approach shows interest and trust. It boils down to sharing and develops selfless relationships. Does your organization or do you have a skill that could be approached in this manner? Thankful for a skill you have learned? Send a thank you note, and pay it forward. Gratitude is an incredibly contagious habit to teach forward.

Benefits of Teaching, Coaching & Mentoring:

  • Help someone improve their skills
  • Refine your own skills
  • Develop positive relationships
  • Encourage someone to teach it forward

When the teacher is ready, the student appears…