Perception. Choose Your Truth Wisely.

Perception is real science; good, bad or indifferent what we believe to be truth creates a most certain outcome in our lives and manifests in our physical well-being. If we are truly honest with ourselves to take a closer look the journey to here we can almost certainly realize which path was followed. When we came to the fork in the road did we choose a perception meant to yield a positive return? Did we even realize we came to a fork in the road? Becoming hypnotized by habit is what can happen and maybe we perceived the whole thing all wrong. Possible? Absolutely. Now we have to undo that autopilot in order to notice the fork is even there. Then make the wise choice on what you will perceive as true. Why go down a road that leads to nowhere?

Perception can affect:

  1. Relationships
  2. Health & Well Being
  3. Finances
  4. (Everything)

You make a choice. You face a fork in the road at all times. Choice. What you perceive as true has a direct connection to where you will land. If you desire positive results (who would not?) then I ask, are you choosing the right perception? Since we are the captains of our own ships – where we steer our vessel is where it will certainly go.

This does not mean we choose to have the wool over our eyes or romanticize tragedy – quite the contrary. If you choose your perception to be on the Opportunistic path (for example, “What am I to learn from this.” vs. woe is me)  then you are sharpening your tools, you have chosen well this time. Your body, your life, and those around you will reap all the benefits of your choices. It is all relative, and yes, it is all in your mind.

You already know that perception and opportunity are your most powerful tools – perhaps you just needed a reminder. You never learn though without taking Action: Practice. Choose a path that serves you, not one that disturbs you and can see where it takes you. Teach it forward.