Mentally Drained? 6 steps to Rehab & Re-Energize Willpower and Direction

Ever feel so tired, that you might have said “I’ve lost my will to….” for something? Or, “how did I let this happen?” Are you seeing the signs? You haven’t lost it – you are just tired and in need of a big Energy Boost in the will department. I believe we all do need a reset from time to time. We all need to strength train our willpower when it’s tired and used up. The battery can get low without us even knowing it. I admit, I originally created this post as “begin again” love letter….etc. It had a lot of private exposed vulnerable sentiments, and some deep issues to work out personally for me that I shared. But now that I have had sleep and hopeful gain, I have to keep you in mind and keeping it positive for us to learn together. It became clearer to me that I was struggling with just this – frustration at a wrong turn and where I felt my willpower was weak. It certainly is not weak, but it needs a little more love in the strength department today. Here’s my “begin again” post that hopefully inspires you to recognize the beauty in an err of ways. May it be a turning point so that you become so grateful to have the luxury of focusing on more upsides than down- in fact very big gains for us in our futures when it does happen. Yes, of course, deal with the hard stuff but lead with the positives. I know this in my heart fully now that strong love prevails even through tough times. Perfect example: Positive: I chose the right person to fall with, and get back up with. I am also so lucky and inspired by this one incredible person who makes me want to write and share and learn more about us and why we are who we are…and then some. It makes us stronger. Now talking about prevailing let’s highlight a few ways to wake up that strong will you do have and gift it a boost of energy right this minute:

Rehabilitation: To heal properly if talking about the will that has an injury or exhaustion, you must build more strength back into it gradually. It’s not forever – it’s just for a concentrated period of time until it is strong again. You need to re-program or reboot and see what directory needs to have a new pathway. To hit all brains here I’ll call it:

Strength Training the Will from “system error” or “not responding”

1. Look at the positives FIRST before anything and start listing them out. (This “first always gratitude” method helps put you in a positive state to then be more receptive to handling the next difficult & not so easy steps) Don’t worry – you’ll get to the hard stuff shortly.

2. Identify a set of signals and use them as your “reset” to neutral – an alarm that you are heading in the wrong direction to help alert you to turn. Like a “code blue.”Responding is what you eventually want versus reacting. This is a tough one, I know first hand.

3. Write a set of do’s and don’ts and then come to grips with it. Then write out the ifs. Read them often until they are set in so they are part of your mantra again. At a minimum, speak them to yourself often even if you do not write them.

4. Ask for help (or accept help) Often a trusted other may relate and it helps us too to realize that we are not alone. But remember to ask the right person – someone who will help to build you up not bring you down.

5. Focus on one thing at a time. As time passes that one area is so strong, then you move on to the next. Will is so strong, it catches momentum the more love and positive attention you give it.

6. Letting Go. All the above is great – but if you do not know what your goals and dreams are, and are not willing to ask yourself “is this the best for my dreams and goals?” We want the best, and saying no is hard when we feel “no” as a loss. No is not a loss, it is a choice and a key to unlock your true will forward! It is letting go – for me the hardest skill to learn (and relearn.) Why? We deserve the best and if we don’t get the best we suffer, and all those around us will suffer too.

Even just the little adjustments can result in bigger change and stronger gains. Simply being aware is even a huge beginning to the process. Believe in rebuilding and getting stronger. We wonder what it feels like to be normal when we physically or emotionally get hurt or sick. We get anxious about the time it takes to heal. We do have to let go of the demons and start working on building strength – now is a great time. Remember you have to start somewhere. I’m right here with you so Let’s do this.

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