Finding Your Rhythm: Honor the Music Within You…

This is a picture is of my brother Seth while he was passionately playing Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers Band. This was years ago, but I remember it like it was yesterday! I took this shot with my then cell phone, and it came out pretty amazing. Not as amazing as he sounded however – and he’s definitely found his Rhythm. What a night, what a musician. And it goes beyond bias here – he’s really nailed it. (And not to mention mastering my favorite band’s song – double bonus.)

Honor The Music Within you – was painted on a mug I bought as a souvenir while in Nashville last month. I gave it to my brother, I could not imagine a better statement for this person. I love his passion, I love the music he has within him. I love him on top of all that. He has what most people yearn for their whole lives.

What is your “music?” Is it finding out what moves you, what calls your heart, your body and your soul? There are times when I find it hard to figure out what my music is. My taste changes from here to there. Narrow it down to just actual music – that I can do (sort of.) Today I listened to a song I have not heard in 10 years because I probably over played it back then. I fell right back in love with it again. And I’m over playing it right now as I write this. When the Levy Breaks, Led Zeppelin – It brings me back to a great time in my life when I first really “heard” music. I remember longer drives back then just listening to wonderful music. The late nights that I spend now just listening to great music, there’s a soundtrack to my life. Maybe I’m not a musician (although I’ve dabbled a bit with instruments) and maybe I am a listener. Funny – that’s so me.

There are times when I find it hard to figure out what my music is. Or maybe I’m looking too hard? I guess you can say a lot of things feel like my music. I’m moved by so much, maybe I’m not a one-song gal. I just couldn’t tell you exactly what my rhythm is -might I be beautifully broken?

Well, truth be told, I think maybe I am finding my own rhythm now many years later than I thought originally. I am listening with more appreciation (maybe that is maturity) and have developed so much gratitude that I am able to honor someone else’s rhythm fully, even if I don’t know what mine is. That’s what I love about writing – I figured all this out just now. Would you look at that! So here’s a great question – if we don’t know what our music is, are we mature enough to honor someone else’s? Honor – not envy, nor jealous of, nor want for ourselves? I have truly always honored my brother’s music – but even more now that I realize he’s figured something out that most of us are still trying to get a grasp on.

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