Driving Time: 3 Ways to Stay Focused with Life’s Many Distractions

When you drive a vehicle you quickly learn it’s critical to keep your head and your eyes looking in the direction you want to go (in front of you) or you will end up in the woods.

Life is full of distractions these days, and our goals whatever they may be, require our laser focus in order to not fall off track. This requires a good strategy, practice, and persistence. If we let everything take away from our focus, we’ll remain distracted and frustrated people without any control of our own time. Time is our most valuable asset so let us increase those focus muscles:

The Strategy: 3 Keys to deal with common distractions:

  1. PREPARATION: Create Time Blocks; set aside allocated time to allow for emergencies, returning calls, emails, texts, visits, and other situations that may require or pull you away from the task at hand.
  2. ANTICIPATE & COMMUNICATE BOUNDARIES: Share with others that this is dedicated time and will reply when you are able to at another designated time (email auto replies/automatic text response/voicemail, etc.)

Action step: Snap Out of It and Focus!

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