The Olympics of Change: Become unstuck in business and in life.

published originally 8/10/16

Keeping in the spirit of the Summer Olympics, we get to witness the world’s most awe inspiring athletes challenging themselves beyond physical and mental limits. That makes it a perfect time for us to re-assess our own challenges in business, relationships, health and personal goals. Universally, change no matter what size, carries a lot of weight – but it doesn’t have to. Change can come in many flavors: perspective, paradigm shift, habit, response, reaction, or process. Idea: Give that autopilot a little coffee break and determine if the current route is truly the best one. Use this as a tool for change management; assess pain points and flush them out.

  1. Evaluate & assess current situation
  2. Know the Why
  3. Benefits & disadvantages of changing
  4. Benefits & disadvantages for staying the same
  5. Obstacles
  6. Skills & knowledge required
  7. Help from resources, people, or groups
  8. Plan of action & deadlines (calendar)
  9. Monitor & track progress
  10. Repeat!

Many companies are able to go through substantial changes and experience extraordinary results by using a similar process. You and your team will have an improved perspective while getting unstuck and leaping over hurdles like an Olympian.

Here is a Perfect example of needing a change in business: 4 Components of a Successful Document Management Cloud Solution *Read the full newsletter here:

Article written by Laura M. Moutal,  Manager of Marketing & Communications at Atlantic, Tomorrow’s Office

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