Chasing sunrise

It’s here. You found me. Now let’s explore! As I write articles, they are purely inspired by events and truths personally I wish to share. Maybe I will inspire you. Write to me and let me know how you feel about it.

I started April 2nd 2016 on a mission to wake up early, and chase the sunrise. It was early enough to see the moon and stars, and then sit and take in the spring air. I would write, look up with excitement, write some more. Then as the sun would peak just above the horizon I would wrap up the writing and get moving along the path. Each moment and corner took on a unique and awe inspiring view. I do not have enough memory in my “smart phone” to capture it all. I do practice mindfulness here, and not everything needs to be on film (ahem- digital.) So I chose one moment from each day as a digital memory, a reminder that I chased, and then was gifted with the reward of such a beautiful view.

The most fascinating thing to me is that I grew up walking in the same spot and all my life have found myself seeing completely different things – animals, views, people, feelings … and it may just be that because I am so inspired it will always be this way here or everywhere. I know that lots of people feel this way about their special places – in fact we may have that same special place. I bet your view is completely unique however- and that’s what I love about it. In the winter I still do this occasionally, but the darkness and cold is not as safe as spring, summer, and fall. I managed to chase the sunrise every morning wherever I was for 215 days (that I recorded.)

What I remember most about that first drive to that spot that early morning – I was listening to a really great “State” changing song. I was in a super great state. I was excited to see some beauty and get nature all to myself for a while. I was proud of myself for just getting up and doing it – and the idea that this time, it was not just to get a run in. I became aware that I was in fact chasing something. What sunrise are you chasing?

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