Brain Exercise: Move past FEAR with the Right Action of Write Action.


When trying to lose weight  those who are most successful write down their goals and keep track of it all day long, every day, until the goal is reached. There is even a fancy app for that kind of goal. These trackers reach their goals, and even if they don’t they get closer to them then they would without it. Plus, they learn a lot about their habits. Life is too busy to rely on just our minds. Our minds drift and life happens. How are we to keep on our targets?

Saving money. Most successful people keep track of what they pay out and how much they save weekly (or lose) monthly, quarterly – so they know where they stand, tweak here and there for the unexpected… and then keep taking steps to correct that budget. Still, it has to be reviewed periodically. Don’t we check our checking, savings and 401k accounts?

If we have integrity and are accountable for our actions, we write it down (or add to a calendar, or add it an app, post it, make an excel sheet, a database…a journal) and that scares some people because it means they have to commit. There’s the excuses, and all the reason why not (and there the brain goes… right into FEAR.)

But if we don’t write it down, and we “play it safe” then we’ll never know how great we could be. It’s like leaving money on the table. Leaving your life in everyone’s hands but our own is not in my make-up. Is it in yours?

When teaching how to use a forecasting tool or CRM, I use the same script. Opportunities. Learn how to see them and then make a plan, adding it to the Calendar and the database to manage your time and your future money. You should be adjusting the opportunities, and minding them every week to move all opportunities in a forward direction (like a checkbook, like life…) Like Exercise, to get results we have to do a little bit every day for a nice long while. Without constantly reviewing your plan, adjusting it, and doing it, it’s a free-fall. If you don’t mind a checkbook or keep track, there’s a hint you need to start taking this Brain exercise seriously. It’s never too late to start. If your team does not agree on the RETURN ON TIME Investment, no one will adapt the right attitude about commitment. Attitudes are contagious.

RETURN ON TIME INVESTMENT. If your team does not agree on this mindset, hurry up and turn them around!

The best investment is  learning Time Management. You must find the time. Those who do not need to be reminded, you should be mentoring someone you feel has “no time” to be reminded. Or add on for you smart ones: you are already doing it in one area of your life, why not update your other areas? You could be more amazing but you won’t know until you start. Don’t let FEAR replace the right actions. Time is something we cannot get back.


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