Silently Loud Battle We Balance: Mindful but not Complacent

Be in the moment. Gratitude for everything as it is… Move forward, boiling frog syndrome, learning is growing, progress. No wonder we get tired so quickly. I am the most “in the moment” person, or truly am I? I am always trying to improve myself, and my relationships, and my future. I would like to believe I take time to appreciate where I am right now, and with whomever I am speaking with, taking in whatever true sunrise that I am witnessing, absorbing the hug of a loved one, listening with all ears to words a mentor is saying. Smart phones are creating less of that, and I listened to a podcast this morning that truly reminded me – I may not be as present as I think. First of all, let me apologize to everyone everywhere if I was not truly “with you.” My loss. Today I vow to remember this practice – “now” must be appreciated as much as taking the time to be planning ahead.

Namaste. Yes, I have so much to learn.

I do love looking into peoples eyes – it’s because I truly feel that we see each other more than words can even say. I catch myself doing this more than others. If I have something to hide, my eyes will not hide it. Talk about exposed! I challenge you to be in the moment, and be ok with that. You can trust yourself that this moment you must embrace so that you are able to plan later for your non-complacency in life – without guilt.

(This is a post of what I just submitted with a little different wording, same slant on LinkedIn. Please read it and let me know which you like better!)


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