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Starting Where We Are – exploring to bring progress, healing, community, and bliss.

“What started as my own quest, my ongoing search to find new ways to understand myself and my relationship to everything I see and that which is not visible, looking for new empowering answers to all sorts of questions to my own spiritual, mental, and physical questions have all morphed into LauraInspiredProject and wish to share it forward. It is my belief that by our stories perhaps we can inspire wellness & thrive to better ourselves, communities, environment, and universe. To help one person, for one moment, and they can help one person and so on. Always a work in progress and to enjoy this journey into the unknown is to me a beautiful Adventure. And so we begin again, and again, and again. “To feel the beauty and unique sense of self and others, appreciation respect and gratitude of what growth and thrive means for me, and to what it means for others…and the seasons, the metamorphosis, learning how to undo our suffering into bliss and sharing with our voices within this ongoing, natural, beautiful process, uniquely, infinitely.” I’m not here to impress with grammar or punctuation – I’m here on an adventure! Now let’s explore!

Not all those who wander are lost.


Today’s question: HOW ARE YOU BEING?

You do get to choose

This is Laura’s true calling! As my Coach Laura helped me “find myself” again and for that I am truly fortunate. As a proud father of three and a successful CEO I felt I was missing the big picture in life having spent so much time in sadness and worry I was getting sick all the time. I found Laura’s coaching a blessing and truly feel this experience saved me and now I am able to be truly present with my children and my work even in challenges and healthier than ever. I highly encourage and recommend Laura’s courses and coaching!

Jon R

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