Your Adventure Awaits…


Laura’s intuition and passion in her areas of interest and experience bring unique perspective, compassion and an unbound reflective energy into her coaching and all of her endeavors. A true lover of the outdoors, nature, community, body, mind, spirit, coaching, fitness, holistic, modern and ancient wisdom and philosophies, martial arts, tribe, and her ongoing creative research and personal mission to share forward her new knowledge and skills. Her outcome to empower others that they have everything they need is her wheel-house. Always in discovery… experiencing the universe, an encouraging light to those who are truly open to receive it.

“What started as my own quest, my ongoing search to find new ways to understand myself and my relationship to everything I see and that which is not visible, looking for new empowering answers to all sorts of questions to my own spiritual, mental, and physical questions have all morphed into LauraInspiredProject. Now it’s time to share it forward. It is my belief that by example we can inspire positive changes & thrive to better ourselves, communities, environment, and universe. If I can help one person and they can help one person and so on…. Always a work in progress and to enjoy this journey into the unknown which is the Adventure. And so we begin again, and again, and again. “We seem to be in many transitions, as caterpillars learning how to enjoy becoming butterflies on this ongoing, natural, beautiful process, uniquely, infinitely.”

Not all those who wander are lost.


Today’s question: HOW ARE YOU BEING?

You do get to choose

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