I was inspired to develop a series of life coach services under the brand name LoraXplora™ (that was the original outcome.) Throughout my own personal journey, I employed outside resources, courses, and teachers to learn new tools and strategies ever since I was a teenager. So inspired by all the teachers along my way I have become compelled to also share it forward.* Yet I was faced with my own challenges and demons and never stopped to give them a chance to air  during this whole time (or so I thought.) I figured I would just slowly pursue this quest, building pieces as I went with the flow picking up momentum only to keep getting “side-tracked” wondering why I could never follow through to completion. I came to a critical point of awareness recently that all of the challenges I thought were simple hackable areas if I just plowed through – were NOT at all what I had originally recognized. My health, my body, and my mind – all areas which I invested time, discipline and relationship, kept showing me this was not the deepest level I needed to go. I felt like I was walking into a brick wall smiling. So we all know that every challenge is a lesson, and when the challenges which we think are the same and they keep appearing – they are not the same. We MUST go deeper. As a student of Life, we are always learning. I believe in myself, and I believe in you. Someone else had a message and a project and through finding them and searching I began to find I was not alone. There was so much more to dive into. I believe in our power as a collective. Time shows us more than we can ever buy in an app, a program or a product. So it is in our best interest to do the best we can with what we have at our exact given moment. Life is short and there’s so much to be grateful for even in a challenge.  This takes a MUST and the decision you make to practice concentrated amounts of preparation balanced with the dance of mindfulness. Copious amounts of laughter, and never giving up. Sometimes we have the wrong map, the GPS is not working, we hear voices which are not our own, unable to “see clearly” are on overwhelm, or just lack of drive.

Through the toughest times, I gratefully have always found inspiration and thrived forward. What I learn each time is that I must share what I’ve learned because I believe there is someone out there who can learn from this and know ultimately that we are not alone by hearing it. It is a project because like everything, this too is a work in progress, and even now what I share is still going through a metamorphosis. I do wish to share stories, challenges, solutions, products, and resources that have helped me along the way and inspiration so that we as a community may live our lives with thriving energy. Life is too short, and we are Free to make choices to live out our life’s fullest potential so my motto is – get on board let’s take a ride. Want to stop my ride because of your jealous projections and fears – then someday we can hope you find your way – in your own time.

Millions of people struggle with autoimmune diseases, and as one of them, I have learned to THRIVE physically and mentally beyond the challenges to levels I never thought possible! This is a scientific manifestation of my own struggles. There’s so much misinformation in mainstream and what I went through no one should have to navigate through a challenge alone.  I want to share it forward and if I have lightened the load, given hope, connected to a resource, or helped someone else achieve on some level a achieve a “Thrive state” beyond just “survival state” then this project is a huge success.

Everyone’s journey is unique and not to be compared but one thing is for sure: We need each other, and we shall never stop growing. I hope to help you, as I’ve learned from the help of others along my journey. This project, this journey- is ongoing. Although this was a personal journey for me I am open to sharing where I’ve been, where I am going, and what I wish for my future as well. I believe with my whole being that I have a purpose and it is to share also that someone can benefit and then share it forward as well. It took me a long time to feel “ok” with doing this out loud! If I can encourage you to do the same, we can realize together that someone somewhere needs to hear what we have to say because it will help somebody.

My Mission for this website:

  1. To serve as a landing place for others who wish to be inspired, encouraged, to hopefully learn that you are not alone in your unique journey. Serve as a reminder that whatever challenges us can be a learning experience if we allow it.
  2. Share best practices in Fitness, Attitude, Food, Body Image, Relationships, Career, Mindset, Your Own Unique strengths and Overall Well being in manageable ways.
  3. Be Transparent in the challenges we all face, open to know we don’t always have an answer – but to encourage the persistence and courage to never give up until we do. To be able to think we’ve reached a milestone only to go backwards and pick ourselves back up and keep trying. Backwards movement is part of the lesson. What am I to learn from this? What is the outcome I want and from what part of me is that coming from?
  4. There are so many of who struggle in loneliness and depression; when we feel that no one understands or gets us it can make us hide and remove ourselves from everyday living. We tend to focus on what we do not have versus what we do. We struggle to get our own selves at times. We numb ourselves in this culture to dull the pain. We fall into patterns and become automatic floaters in pain. Pain may be uncomfortable, yet it is our greatest teacher. We never stop learning because there are always lessons (if this isn’t proof…..!)
  5. Through my own personal challenges and of those of dear friends and family I am compelled to help someone to learn how they are too not alone, and there are ways to make incredible changes with small adjustments.

My Vision: build a strong, healthy, and vibrant community that thrives sharing best practices together.

My personal mission: to fully experience every adventure my heart desires and to enjoy this beautiful adventure that supports all of my dreams. My dreams are to share this journey and we are living fully. You have now become a big part of my dream, and I have so much gratitude and faith that you have in some way found it helpful to yourself or for someone-  company – group – family – that you know.

And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.” – Paulo Coehlo, The Alchemist.

LoraXplora™ and Laura Inspired Project are Copyrights of Laura M. Moutal Inc.