The Journey IS the Adventure . . . who you become along the way and how you choose… is transformation in progress. is a growing, ever-evolving space that is part of a larger mission: bring awareness and change into our lives inward and outward; and share it forward to continue growing our community. Utilizing intentional leadership and coaching through a variety of tools and methods that grow as we do, currently, sharing in these methods: 1. Podcast on and spotify hosted by LoraXplora™ as storytelling and coaching platform 2. Youtube & Pinterest channels to reach our visual audience (youtube in progress!) and 3. *Coaching Programs via workshops, and private consultation, using available methods ‘in-person’, skype/zoom, streaming, free downloads, and so on. These experiences are all created wholeheartedly with the sole intention to influence myself and others to actively take part in empowerment for an energized, more fulfilling, greatest expression of who we want and desire to be, wherever we are physically, mentally, spiritually, and to actively share it forward building this awareness and action in our own communities, and beyond.

The mission of the project is always to encourage the above as well as nurture partnerships for growing ourselves, and beyond. I believe our mission to continue to grow a loving, congruent, thriving community and universe while taking the most important first step which comes from within. Some of us can feel alone at times. I believe learning to feel that you are never alone, and are part of an infinite, more powerful energy and connected safely to it, is an unlocking key. Recognizing that we ‘have’ everything we need right now – priceless.

Welcome. I look forward to our journey together…

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